Air Ivanhoe - Fly-in fishing Ontario Canada  / Walleye and Pike on Remote Lakes
Fly in fishing action for Ontario Pike and Walleye! Great fishing just waiting for you in this area of Ontario. Just think of the action for these walleye and pike with Air Ivanhoe. Bear and Moose hunting available, we are just an hour from Chapleau Ontario .

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Phone:8 AM - 6 PM
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George and Jeanne Theriault
P.O. Box 99, Foleyet, Ontario Canada POM ITO.

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All prices are in Canadian dollars

Canadian Fly-In Fishing Lodge

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(211 MB) Introducing Air Ivanhoe
(67 MB) Main Lodge
(154 MB) Nemegosenda Lodge
(152 MB) Friday to Friday Camps
(89 MB) Saturday to Saturday Camps
(149 MB) Sunday to Sunday Camps
(35 MB) Boat Ins
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Fly-Inn Outpost Cottages

Fly In Walleye

All rates are quoted in Canadian funds.
Odd Size Parties: if requiring an extra boat and motor, add $220 to the total party charge. For example, 3 people wanting 2 and 5 people wanting 3 boats and motors.

4 Day Trips: $100 discount off 7 day rate.
Four day trips either begin or end on the regular camp change day.

3 Day Trips: $150 discount off 7 day rate.
Three day trips either begin or end on the regular camp change day.

Price Includes:Flying in & out, mid-week check/service flight for parties on 7 day vacations. Cottage equipped for light housekeeping include propane refrigerator, 4-burner propane stove with oven, propane lights, propane BBQ, wood burning stove for heat, all dishes including silverware, pots and pans, pillows with pillow case, and mattresses with corner sheets. A boat & motor with all fuel is included for every 2 adults.

Guest Needs: food, sleeping bag, life preserver, axe or small saw, garbage bags, fishing / hunting license (we sell them), first aid kit, and all fishing tackle and personal gear. We recommend a Coleman or propane light with fuel.

Weight Limit: 100 lbs. of gear per person. Overweight charges are .75 cents per pound.

Solar Power: Bush/Deluxe cabins now offers limited solar power for lights and for charging your iPod,camera, etc. Guests raved on this upgrade!

Deposit: $200 per person to confirm fly-inn reservation to a minimum of $800 Cdn. Personal checks are accepted for deposit only. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Cancellation: 90% refund if written notice is given 120 days prior to your vacation.


Fly In Ontario Pike

Nice Northern Pike Pike