Air Ivanhoe - Fly-in fishing Ontario Canada  / Walleye and Pike on Remote Lakes
Fly in fishing action for Ontario Pike and Walleye! Great fishing just waiting for you in this area of Ontario. Just think of the action for these walleye and pike with Air Ivanhoe. Bear and Moose hunting available, we are just an hour from Chapleau Ontario .

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George and Jeanne Theriault
P.O. Box 99, Foleyet, Ontario Canada POM ITO.

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Canadian Fly-In Fishing Lodge

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Boat-Inn Outpost Cottages

Boat In Perch

We have three boat-in localities for you to choose from. All offer great fishing for walleye, northern pike, and jumbo perch. Your package starts Friday 3 PM and ends Friday 10 AM
The cabins are equipped for light housekeeping including propane refrigerator, stove, and light, all dishes, pots, pans, pillows, mattresses, and corner sheets. All cabins have a wood-heating stove..
Guest Needs: food, sleeping bag/ top bedding, life preserver, axe or small saw, garbage bags, fishing / hunting license (which we sell), first aid kit, and all fishing tackle and personal gear. We recommend that you bring a Coleman or propane lantern with fuel.
We Rent: (if available): S-14 Lund boats with 15 H.P. motor and 5 gallons of fuel for $460 per week; $240 per week for just the boat. We have mixed fuel available in 5 gallon jerry cans to take up the river for a week.
Boat In Duck Hunting Special: September 11th - Oct 17th take $100 off the weekly rate.
Deposit: $100 per person to confirm boat-inn reservation to a minimum of $400. Personal checks are accepted for deposit only. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
Cancellation: 90% refund if written notice is given 120 days prior to your vacation.

3 and 4 Day Trips
Either begin or end on Friday Camp change day.
3 Days: $150 Discount per party
4 Days: $100 Discount per party.

The Narrows
Boat In Cabin 1

Accommodates up to 6
The cottage is eight miles away from the seaplane base and located at the narrows on the Ivanhoe River, which offers you great fishing right off your dock. The cottage is 20’x 28’ with two bedrooms, mud room and a large living kitchen area. A large yard area overlooks the river.
Weekly Cabin Rental: Friday 3pm - Friday 10am weekly rate without boat & motor $750. Party size over 4 persons, add $150 per adult.


The Brook
Boat In Cabin 2

Accommodates up to 8
Set beside a lovely brook, this cabin is a popular spot for families. A 20’ x 24’ cottage set 14 miles from the seaplane base. One large main room and one bedroom with bunks for 8 persons. The cottage has a spacious screened-in porch. This location offers excellent summer Perch, Walleye and Northern Pike fishing. An inexpensive way to enjoy some fine fishing at a lovely outpost camp.
Weekly Cabin Rental: Friday 3pm - Friday 10am weekly rate without boat & motor $950. Party size over 4 persons, add $150 per adult.


The Point
Boat In Cabin 3
Accommodates up to 6
This cabin located 22 miles from our seaplane base is accessed by water and your departure point is from our seaplane base. An older log cabin set on a point with an excellent view. Very isolated and little traffic this far up the river. Superb spring Walleye and good summer Pike and Perch fishing.
Weekly Cabin Rental: Friday 3pm - Friday 10am weekly rate without boat & motor $600. Party size over 3 persons, add $150 per adult.